You Should See Me in a Crown


This book is a about a queer Black girl, Liz who has to run for prom queen, so that she can get a scholarship in order to go to her dream college.

It’s definitely going to ond be my favorite reads of this year.
It was a totally cute and wholesome read.

I found Liz really relate able, and I loved her character development from being a wallflower to being what she wanted to be and getting what she deserved
I totally Amanada and Liz and they were so cute together. I loved how the author developed and explored their relationship and the slow burn romance was so good. The relationship felt realistic and not something forced down.

The pacing was perfect,I enjoyed from starting to the end and there was not a single dull moment.
When I first read the blurb, I thought  romance was going to be a major part of this book but it also explores many other important themes like: love, family, friendship,identity and getting what you deserve.
The only flaw I found was that the side characters were underdeveloped and theyu could have been made more interesting

Other than this it was a highly entertaining read and I highly recommend it.

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